Green Power - Wind Generator Building

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Wind Generator building

In the times of green power making its way, I naturally also wants to try out some concepts of how I can generate green power for my own household - That may be in a form of electricity or heat.

So the concept is again to make something on hobby basis, that is cheap but will perform acceptable. The aim is to make a generator that is capable of making 1KW. The biggest challenge is that as im living in a normal houseing area, i dont expect I will be able to raise a high mill to be afficient, and I dont want it to be noisy, so from those requirements I dont expect the output will be 1KW - Therefore it will be interrestingf for me to see how much is actually possible to get out of the total setup.

After searching the web, I have found many different designs for home build alternators, and there seems to be a common approch that is efficient and cheap.

Unfortunately the project was worked on some time before I thought of documenting the progress, so thers not that manmy pictures of the early stages of the build process, but this is what I have:

The List of components are are the following:

1 x Used Peogeot front wheel bearing (spindle).
24 x Neodymium Magnets (2"x1"x0.5")
2 breakdisks (cheapest new one.)
1 x 12mm threaded rod
1.6 mm copper wire for coils (9 coils @ 77 windings)
Misc. wood/metal for making wood templates, metal supports.
Vinyl cast resin + Accelerator + Fiberglass Cloth.

The number of coil windings have been done by pure testing, wind a coil, and place it in the one-coil-support shown above, and wind it at give RPM and check the output, and its a simple job of device/multiply to get the coild cound you need for the given RPM. My target is 160-180 RPM.


As I want to wire the coils in "Y" configuration, the math is as follows:
Rectified DC output = phaseVoltage*1,73*1,414
And as I need 3 coils pr phase, the PhaseVoltage have to be divided by 3, sp if I want 24 DV out on the DC Side of the rectifier, we want to be able to measure 3,27 VAC on one coil.

What energy is in the wind:
(m^2)*6*(m/s)^2 = Watt
With this, its possible to calculate the potential energy in the wind at what speed.

Below you can see the result of the cast of the coils:

The assembled generator:

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