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CNC Rebuilding project

This machine was given to me from a friend. It was originally made for foam cutting, but have a very rigid frame that is perfect for wood or even Aluminium cutting. I have not tried Aluminium cutting on this machine yet, but will probably soon try to do it.

The machine was stripped from all controling electronics and motors, and the 4+5 axis was removed (damn), so the items left was the frame with bearings and leadscrews. My job was now to rewire the electronics, fit motors and switches, and rebuild the Z axis as it has both suffered from heavy wear, and also needed to be build to fit my needs with the black milling head, and a new motor capable of turning the milling head at 10.000 RPM.

Unfortunatelty I can detect some wear on the Y axix aswell, this needs to be investigated when itme is, as this is becomming heavy machinery, it is probably something I need to plan for.

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