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&lt;gallery widths=100px heights=90px perrow=7&gt;
File:CNC2.JPG|Click here:&lt;br/&gt;[[CNC Building]]
File:IMG 0159.jpg|Click here:&lt;br/&gt;[[CNC Rebuilding]]
File:Generator2.jpg|Click here:&lt;br/&gt;[[Green Power - Wind Generator Building]]
File:IMG 6114.JPG|Click here:&lt;br/&gt;[[Ariel KG500 Rebuilding]]
File:IMG 4407.JPG|Click here:&lt;br/&gt;[[Ariel VB600 Bobber Building/Rebuilding]]
File:IMAG0075small.jpg‎|Click here:&lt;br/&gt;[[Harley WLC Flathead]]
File:103-0346 IMG.JPG|Click here:&lt;br/&gt;[[RC Flying Wing Building]]
File:104-0468 IMG.JPG|Click here:&lt;br/&gt;[[RC Motor controller Building]]
File:127-2747 IMG.JPG|Click here:&lt;br/&gt;[[OSD Building]]
File:121-2149 IMG.JPG|Click here:&lt;br/&gt;[[RC Submarine Building]]
File:IMG 7341.JPG|Click here:&lt;br/&gt;[[SMS Alarm/IO unit Building]]

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